I use an Integrative and Humanistic approach. This means I draw from a variety of Theories and Techniques. Below are the main areas I have experience working with. 

anxiety counselling dublin

Anxiety Counselling 

Anxiety can be one of the most secretly debilitating conditions and cause of much suffering in people. Often times it is about learning new ways to help come back to a more natural way of reacting to situations and regulating emotions. 

Bereavement and Loss

Bereavement Counselling 

Sometimes we find it so difficult to make sense of a bereavement and feel so alone and isolated in our grief. I have years experience working with bereavements, I can’t bring them back and I won’t try to make you to let them go, I offer a space to talk and help with the most difficult transition

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Addiction Counselling 

Alcohol Addiction, Hard or Soft Drug Addiction, Gambling Addiction, Pornography Addiction. A lot of addictions share the same dynamics. I do not believe we are powerless victims of addictions but that we can, in time, find better ways to be. 

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Unknown Problems

Often people can not say exactly what is wrong but know instinctively that something is not right. Together we can work towards uncovering what might be behind these feelings. 

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Mens Issues 

For men and fathers who are experiencing difficulties and challenges; depression, parenting, divorce, isolation, separation, finances, fatherhood, anxiety, intimacy & sex. 

Sex Addiction

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between healthy sexual behaviour and problem behaviour. Are you concerned about it? Do you surprise yourself or feel guilty, shameful or regretful afterwards?

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Relationship Counselling Dublin

Relationship counselling aims to help couples, families or friends who are stuck in patterns of conflict to find ways to communicate with each other, decide how to resolve their problems and to achieve mutual goals.


LGBTIQ Counselling Dublin

As our society becomes a more tolerant place to live individuals are still finding difficulties with questions surrounding their sexual identity. Often talking about and finding answers to these questions can help. 


Abuse, Trauma & Shame

Many of us endure traumatic incidents during our development that have consequences today including prolonged or persistent feelings of shame, guilt or low-worth. Reviewing these incidents can free us from those feelings. 

Depression Counselling Dublin

Depression Counselling Dublin

Depression can be one of the hardest things to understand. Often we don’t know why it happens to us, is it genetic? a disease? linked to our past?  results of lifestyle choices? all of these things? Talking to a professional can help understand, address and relieve the symptoms of depression. 

student counselling dublin

Student Counselling

I offer counselling to students who are experiencing problems and difficulties in their lives, studies or work. I am also qualified to provide professional services to Students of Psychotherapy and Psychology completing mandatory required hours. 

Often the hardest part of counselling is taking the first step to get help. My service is completely confidential, respectful, non-judgemental and fully supportive. You can text or call 089 2518674 or fill out my contact form. I will get back to you promptly.