Online Counselling

In my experience Video and Telephone counselling can be just as effective as regular face to face counselling. Even though we are not in the same room we do the same work of meeting to provide a safe and non-judgemental space to explore how you’re feeling, understand what you are going through and support you make changes in your life or to heal from past experiences that might still be affecting you today. 

I have been providing an Online Counselling service since 2017, I’ve noticed it can miss aspects of face to face therapy i.e. noticing body language, the travel time taken before and after a session can be good for preparing and processing, the room itself can be felt as a separate place to leave the stuff we are working on. I address these issues at the beginning of our therapy. I have also noticed positive aspects of working online i.e. being in a place of your choosing can feel less intimidating than going to a therapy centre, less time taken up by travelling, I can use the most effective and up to date software (Bilateral Base) to process any underlying experiences from the past that might still be influencing the present day.

Getting there, what do I need?

I use the following software that requires a reliable internet connection.  

Bilateral Base, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime, etc.

Our initial appointments will address any technical issues that might arise and how we will work with such issues. 

You will need a confidential and quiet space to speak from, where you won’t be interrupted or overheard. Use a laptop, computer, or tablet if possible. Stabilise your device on a flat surface rather than holding it. If it is not possible we can use a smartphone, I have worked with individuals in their cars, on walks in nature and in places provided by supportive friends, family or employers. If you have any questions or concerns about this then feel free to email me. 

These platforms have secure encryption and I adhere to all GDPR requirements, if however there is an issue that you do not feel confident talking about I am trained and experienced in how to work in such situations, you can simply tell me that you would like to work in this way. 

Online Counselling Ireland Dublin
Online Counselling Ireland

Having online or phone counselling


An important part of counselling is that you feel heard and understood. This is no different for face to face, online and phone counselling. As with face to face counselling, if you feel uncomfortable with anything that happens in the session, please do discuss it with me ideally during the session, but if not then you can email me at any time and I can reflect on your feedback and we can make changes to the way we work to ensure your safety and comfort. It is always my aim to work in collaboration with you.

Online and phone counselling can help with many of the same issues as face to face counselling, such as anxiety, phobias, depression, self-esteem, addiction, confidence issues, loss and family relationship problems etc. But just like face to face counselling it may not be suitable for everyone and this assessment will be done during our initial meetings.

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