Online EMDR Therapy – Does It Work?

EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is an extensive and comprehensive form of psychotherapy that has been proven to alleviate and heal traumatic experiences from the past, the present and from feared experiences in the future. 

It has been proven specifically helpful in the treatment of PTSD and phobias but is also recommended as a treatment for anxiety, depression, bereavement, addiction and the majority of symptoms that require a therapeutic intervention.  

With the onset of covid-19 I began to offer online EMDR therapy as a mental health solution  during the pandemic with mostly positive results. I am now offering Online EMDR therapy as an integral part of my services. 

What is EMDR Therapy? 

EMDR Therapy is a specific form of therapy that helps restart the natural healing process of the mind and body. In trauma, whether it is a specific ‘big T’ trauma like an accident or assault or a series of ‘small t’ traumas the mind has a hard time processing the events into the natural memory system and often the memory of the event can feel stuck. Or indeed sometimes we get messages from our environment that we believe as true and these Core Negative Beliefs can become ingrained and cause distress. 

The D & R of EMDR stands for Desensitisation and Reprocessing. In the examples above it might be the memory of an accident that needs to be Desensitised and Reprocessed (as over) or in the second example it may be the Core Negative Beliefs picked up from the earlier environment that need to be Desensitised and Reprocessed. 

How Does EMDR Online Work?

EMDR is an evidence-based treatment, used to treat PTSD, anxiety, phobia, and depression and most other symptoms that require a therapeutic intervention. 

Online EMDR Therapy is a great solution for people who cannot or choose not to travel. If you are a remote worker, or you live in a remote location, or if you don’t have access to an EMDR Therapist in your area then Online EMDR therapy provides a realistic and solution focused therapy for you to get access to the best professional help. 

EMDR Ireland Online

What do you need for online counselling?

You probably already have all the equipment you need. 

I use the latest peer-reviewed online app called Bilateral Base to deliver a professional online service with strong evidence to support its efficacy.

You need a Desktop, Laptop or Tablet with a reliable internet connection. Smartphones are less ideal but we can use them if you are in a quiet environment and can place it on a stable surface. It is also desirable to have Headphones.  Like all therapy sessions try to be sure that you will not be interrupted for the session and you are in a peaceful place. Our first session will include making sure the software is set up and working correctly, the equipment is in the correct position etc. 

If the conditions are less ideal I have worked with people in their cars, in outdoor spaces and in homes of friends or unused office spaces provided by employers. I will always try to assist and accommodate to give us the best chance of success. I will also be sure to provide possible solutions if we find we can not work together due to difficult circumstances. 

The benefits of Online EMDR Therapy

Online CounsellingA successful EMDR online therapy produces the same results as when we practice it in person. It can alleviate PTSD, Help beat addictions, Eliminate anxieties, phobias and persistent core negative beliefs. 

As is the case with all therapies I cannot guarantee results. But I can promise to do my best to help you. I draw from years of experience and professional training and from my commitment to receiving regular professional supervision. I  keep in touch with the latest research and partake in the most up to date training. 

I also share what some of my clients who used EMDR Online Therapy said and thought after it was done: 

It took a while to get the hang of using online EMDR but once we got used to the software it was just like in person (except I didn’t have to travel!!). I would recommend 

Julie 2020

I came to Conn for treatment of my phobias, I couldn’t get on a bus or take a class for over ten years, initially I was really embarrassed by my phobias but Conn offered a really safe and non judgemental space that put me at ease, once we started the work I could see the difference and couldn’t wait for my next sessions, I now take public transport again and feel comfortable in classes again, it’s so nice to feel back to normal again.

Maria 2019